Greetings from Mayor Roger MacKay

Westville Mayor
Welcome to the Town of Westville. Council and staff are proud of the strides the Town of Westville has taken in recent years and we are excited to see our community continue to grow. From festivals to holidays we certainly love to celebrate as a community and there is no greater place to be during these special times. With recent additions to Acadia Park, The Town of Westville has become a destination spot for people around the county to play and have fun in our green spaces. Our goal with Council and Town staff is to have an open line of communication so community members can feel engaged and involved. We are here for you. This is the place that you call home, where you raise your families, and where you plan for the future and we want to make sure that your voices are heard and represented. Council and staff have their sights set on the future and are always looking at new ideas when it comes to town services and programming. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas I encourage you to reach out; we are always open to having these important conversations. There is so much to be proud of in this community and I look forward to joining you on the journey to becoming an even more engaged and vibrant Westville.